2017 Activities/Events

FALL 2017:

UPWARDS SPORTS SOCCER is in full swing at LINC’s Love Field in Wentzville.  Turnout has been great and weather has been beautiful.  Upwards Sports Soccer (and many other Upwards Sports activities) is sponsored by First Baptist Church Wentzville.   — Come out to see the youth develop their skills and teamwork and visit with friends or make new ones!

“LITTLE RED LIBRARY”… is located near LINC’s front door.  Take a book…or two…and leave one if you have one to donate. (But feel free to also take the books if you have none to donate.)   The doors of opportunity that reading can open are many.  Reading is a basic skill that will serve us well throughout our lifetime…and it is so much more.  It can plant powerful seeds of dreams and goals, and impart knowledge and growth, whatever the age of the reader.  So visit LINC’s Little Red Library often.  Although small, it is usually packed with adult and children’s books that will bring hours of reading pleasure.

READING The Summer Reading Program has now ended for 2017, but will restart in the summer of 2018!!  In the meantime, keep up the reading!!  Don’t forget, LINC has a “Little Red Library” located near the front door.  Take a book…or two…and leave one if you have one to donate.  Remember… Reading opens many doors of opportunity for your future!  Reading can plant powerful seeds of knowledge and growth.

Community Garden Fun:  All are welcome, young and old, EACH WEDNESDAY to work in the Community Garden from 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. with Nichole Smith and other volunteers.  Just show up and Nichole will let everyone know what help is needed.   This is a great opportunity for adults and children to learn more about gardening too!  LINC is located in Wentzville at 9 Love Park Lane. 

WOMEN’S COMMUNITY BIBLE STUDY GROUP:  Meets on-going basis every 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 6:30 P.M at LINC’s Community Center.  The Study Group’s objectives are to help women in the community grow their relationship with Christ together through Bible study, prayer, and fellowship.   Women in the St. Charles and surrounding areas are invited to attend (Click here for directions to LINC and contact information.)





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