Little Red Library

“LITTLE RED LIBRARY”…  have you seen it yet…at LINC??  It has been there for a few months but you may not have known that it is there for YOU!   Look for it near LINC’s front door (it was recently relocated from the back door; see picture below).  It still is waiting for finishing touches, but we want you to know the books are there now.  So, when you visit LINC,  take a book…or several; after reading return them for others to read.  Also  any books you may wish to donate in the Little Red Library for others to enjoy.   

The doors of opportunity that Reading can open are many, and it is especially important for children to develop good Reading skills early in life.  While Reading is a basic skill that will serve us well throughout our lifetime…it is so much more!  It can plant powerful seeds of future dreams and goals, and impart knowledge and personal growth, whatever the age of the reader.  So,  visit LINC’s Little Red Library often.  Although small, it is usually packed with a selection of both adult and children’s books that will bring hours of Reading pleasure.  

Little Red Library

 A word of wisdom– Remember to choose your books wisely, as you would your friends…


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