American Heritage Girls’ Day of Service

Saturday, September 16th, brought a beehive of activity to LINC…on the grounds…in the Seeds of Love garden……in the building…the Hope Daycare Center, inside and out.  Everywhere!  The American Heritage Girls  of Troop Missouri 3130, many of their families,  and their Troop Leaders honored LINC with a day of service.

Little artists worked attentively, applying colorful designs and faces to boards that will decorate LINC’s Seeds of Love garden next spring.   Many little and big hands were busy in the raised garden beds, pulling weeds and readying the beds for spring crops.  Adults (with a little help from some of the children) stained the new fence that Lowes Heroes donated and installed a few months ago.  Volunteers raked the mulch back into the Hope Daycare children’s play yard, while others washed down the play yard activity centers as another group installed timbers around the fence perimeter to keep the mulch inside. And teenage girls worked hard, cutting down some tall grasses. 

Inside was abuzz with American Heritage Girls volunteers too.  From painting the inside of the door…to wiping down the baseboards and trim…cleaning the bathrooms, the floors, and the commercial kitchen equipment…to installing new window shades in several rooms.

Watching and listening to these volunteers, you wouldn’t think  that any of the work was hard, although much of it was.  The air at LINC was filled with shouts of joy and ringing with laughter.   American Heritage Girls MO Troop 3130 and their families gave “serving with joy” a whole new meaning!  They created a wondrous atmosphere, and they delivered very generous and beautiful gifts of service to LINC and to the people who LINC serves.

LINC thanks each of the 42 American Heritage Girls for their service at this event, and the 24 family members for their hard work. This was truly a spectacular day of service!   Thank you, all American Heritage Girl Leaders, with a special thanks to Christy Westover, Leader of American Heritage Girls Troop 3130, for your efforts to bring this day of service to fruition.   And a special thank you to LINC’s awesome Lead Gardener, Nichole Josh Smith, who not only volunteers her time (and often her family too) to LINC on a regular basis, but also, as the Event Coordinator for American Heritage Girls Troop 3130, was instrumental in bringing about this day of service for LINC.


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