LINC Team Provides Help to Hurricane Harvey Victims

A Personal Note from Kathy Thompson:   “God provided a safe way to volunteer with relief efforts in Rose City Texas by placing our small team in a shopping  parking lot that became the Army compound full of compassionate soldiers that welcomed us in….We took a boat with cases of water. Food,  personal care items and hugs to a community of sweet people.    Please continue to pray for folks hit with disasters.”

Traveling from St. Charles County to Rose City, Texas to volunteer and provide aid to victims of Hurricane Harvey was not an easy decision.  It entailed a long drive, expenses, …and was a bit scary to traipse into the aftermath of the strongest hurricane to make landfall in the United States since 2004.  Yet Kathy Thompson and her daughter, Katelyn felt called to go and serve the hurting people who desperately needed assistance.  There was a critical need for volunteers with their respective skills as a nurse and an EMT in Fire Rescue.

After much prayer, they asked for God’s provision and protection over them, and prepared to leave for the long drive to Texas, along with two other people.  Church members supported their trip, and provided donations that helped cover expenses.   God’s provision and protection was with them during their travel.  When they arrived in Texas, they were assigned to assist at the Army’s compound, where all the ambulances were located along with the medical triage.   Katelyn was assigned by the Army MD to triage in the parking lot because the ambulances could only be used for trauma to local hospitals.  The rest of the team provided aid in different areas, including loading provisions into boats, including bottled water and clothing, for the hurricane victims. 

When night arrived, their small Team was invited to sleep inside the Army’s air-conditioned compound, protected by soldiers carrying guns strapped to their sides.  And theirs was the only civilian vehicle allowed to park in the midst of the Army truck convoy at the compound. (Who would think that God would go to this extent — placing the Team right in the middle of the Army compound!)  Not only provision and protection, but the soldiers were very friendly and kind as well as compassionate.

Their small Team was blessed throughout the week, in abundance.  God answers prayers in ways sometimes impossible to miss, and this was one of them.    The Team members were blessed in ways they could not have imagined, and had no regrets for anything they may have given up.  They were richly blessed by their volunteer experience.





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