A Delightful Christmas Play!

Children who attend the LINC Hope Learning Center performed their Christmas Play for their family and friends on December 19th.  And what a performance it was!  They proudly wore their Christmas costumes, and played their parts with much enthusiasm.  These children are all pre-school, but you wouldn’t have guessed it based on how well they remembered their parts, and delivered them to their entranced audience.  The children were very entertaining and, oh so happy.   They each shined like a bright little star—  Job very well done indeed!

The Theme was “For Unto Us A Child is Born,  A Son is Given…Isaiah 9:6”.  The play was narrated by Ms. Kathy Thompson.  Congratulations and job well done to her and especially to the LINC Hope Learning Center staff:  Angelique Davis (Director), Kimberly Mullen (Supervisor),  Jasmine Moore, Kayla Barber, Carol Glowski, Keisha Burns, Barbra Hill, Melissa Dierenfeldt,  Jadyn Mullen, Devon Norman and Rhondale Robinson.

The photos below capture only glimpses of the joy experienced during the children’s performance and afterwards as they proudly posed with their families, and with “Santa” and, Kathy Thompson, LINC’s Executive Director.


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