A Short History of LINC!

We have been celebrating a string of “30-year anniversaries” that chronicle LINC’s history:

LINC started its first ministry projects at Thanksgiving and Christmas in 1990 (that continued for the next 10 years), and was incorporated as a non-profit organization in the state of Missouri in 1992 with a 3-member board. Then in 1994, LINC launched a huge outreach project in Hidden Valley Estates known as Here’s Hope, Hidden Valley. This week-long event under a tent (where the covered pavilion stands) was a “Life Fair” bringing in services, ministries, schools/colleges, organizations and businesses talking about a full range of opportunities for low-income residents. There was something for everybody including children’s programs, cookouts, bands, and inspirational speakers. The Here’s Hope event was hugely successful and was featured on TV and in national print media. The community was so impacted by the event, that Hidden Valley Estates management offered LINC an office space using one of their three-bedroom units as a base of operations. That summer, LINC expanded its board made up of local community and church members that continues to today. Our outreach expanded to include not only western St. Charles County, but Lincoln and Warren Counties also. 1994 was a pivotal year that brought on its heels the building of the 30×60 pavilion as a gift to the Hidden Valley community in 1995. That year, LINC also received its tax exempt 501(c)(3) status from the the IRS, and in 1996 purchased an 11-acre property adjacent to Hidden Valley to become our recreation complex and community center which we enjoy today. LINC’s Community Life Center, including Day Care, Family Learning Center, youth and adult education programs, emergency assistance and food pantry, recreation teams, events, and community garden, are all fruit of its short history and commitment to the disadvantaged of our community. 2019, 2020, 2021 bring happy anniversaries and memories of God’s blessings and provision. COME AND BE A PART OF THIS LEGACY!

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Founder and Chairman Emeritus LINC St. Charles County

2 thoughts on “A Short History of LINC!

  1. I would like to know more about what you guys do. I would enjoy hearing and seeing more positive things. I am a single mom who struggles daily but I would also like to try and help or give back in any way I can. You all do amazing things for people and just wanted you all to know this

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