About LINC

LINC St. Charles County is a faith-based nonprofit organization operating in Wentzville, Missouri.

  • A registered Missouri Not-for-Profit Corporation granted by MO’s Secretary of State
  • A 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Charity granted by the Internal Revenue Service
  • All donations are tax deductible according to IRS guidelines.
  • As with all tax exempt charities, IRS 990 Forms are available for public viewing at our offices or on guidestar.org

Mission Statement:  LINC supports disadvantaged families on the path to self-sufficiency.

LINC’s mission is to provide support and direction for disadvantaged families and individuals in the community, helping them to set goals and objectives that will empower them to become productive citizens within the community. LINC takes a comprehensive, wholistic approach to meeting physical, educational, social, and spiritual needs.

LINC serves a three-county area and accomplish the mission through our various programs that operate in Wentzville, MO at The Community Life Center at Love Park. Adjacent to a subsidized housing community of 600 residents, Love Park is an 9-acre facility with football and baseball fields, basketball and volleyball courts, a 1/2 mile paved walking trail, and a 7000 square foot community center. The center houses LINC’s offices and emergency assistance center, the Family Learning Center daycare, the HOPE Food Pantry, computer lab, commercial kitchen, and multi-purpose area.

A variety of programs are employed to accomplish our mission. Emergency assistance programs aid in the prevention of homelessness. Educational and vocational programs are available to enhance soft and hard job skills. The daycare is available to single-income families meeting income guidelines. Recreational programs help encourage healthy bodies as well as healthy lifestyles and relationships. Our “3-R’s” are the development of Relationships, Responsibility, and Respect.

Volunteers and mentors are what make the programs work. LINC has a large and growing network of organizations, churches, and businesses (plus interested individuals and families) who put hands and feet, love and action to work in building a successful community through encouraging productive behaviors.

The acronym “LINC” is the initials for “Love In the Name of Christ,” LINCing individuals and families with needed resources, LINCing community resources with each other, LINCing and strengthening communities in western St. Charles County and beyond.

LINC is Neighbors Helping Neighbors
LINC is Putting the Unity Back in Community
LINC is Love In the Name of Christ

Love your neighbor as yourself.   – Jesus

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3 thoughts on “About LINC

  1. I am interested in volunteering in the food pantry in Wentzville. I found out about your
    mission from Calvary West Church in Wentzville, Thanks, Doris Mazzola

  2. Hello i am trying to find information on the commercial kitchen space. How much it may cost? When this area is available? And how long it can be used? I am a new/future catering co. owner and im trying to locate a good commercial kitchen to use. More info? Or know of a place in the Wentzville/St Charles County area?

    Please help! Thanks!

    1. LINC does not make their commercial kitchen available for use or rent by others. It is solely for LINCs use. I do not know of any places in the are that provides commercial kitchen space for rent. I hope you manage to find space and wish you well on your future catering business endeavors.

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