Board of Directors

2020 Officers:

  • Board Chair Gary Mills
  • Vice-Chairman  Glen Locklear
  • Secretary – Joe Radi
  • Treasurer-Steve Bates

2021 Directors:

  • Finances : Jordan Lamkin
  • Technology : TBD
  • Building and Grounds : Ken Bergman and Jim MaCaughan
  • Volunteer Programs : Ahley Clayburne
  • Legal Matters : Glen Locklear
  • Evangelism : Cole Branstetter
  • Church Relations : Jim McMcaughan
  • Community Relations : Patty Sanders
  • Fundraising Events : Patty Sanders
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Ashley Claybourne
  • Foster Grandparents : Patty Sanders
  • Mentoring: Joe Radi
  • Day Care: Kathy Park and Randy Diebel
  • Building Development: Rick Tucker
  • Indigent/Homeless: KathyThompson
  • Nominating Program: Glen Locklear,
  • Building Task Force : Rick Tucker, David Day,Gary Mills, John Kelly (advisor),
  • Gerald Thompson and Harvey Halcomb
  • LINC CEO: Kathy Thompson

Others: LINC Programs

Community Programs

  • Computer Club : TBD
  • H.U.G.G.S : Ashley Clayburne
  • Teen Outreach: Joe Radi, David Day and Jordan Lampkin
  • Summer Lunch : Patty Sanders and Kathy Park
  • Emergency Weather Response : Kathy Thompson
  • Counseling : Vivien Heron
  • Food Pantry : Patty Sanders and Steve Bates
  • Daycare/Preschool : Randy Diebel and Kathy Park
  • Foster Grandparents Program : Patty Sanders
  • Indigent/Homeless : Kathy Thompson

  • Advisor – John Kelly
  • Chairman Emeritus – Dan Hite

* * *

Since 1992, LINC has operated with a volunteer board made up of interested individuals from the community. We reflect the diversity of our community and possess a keen interest in neighbors helping neighbors, especially “LINCing” our disadvantaged families with the help they need from local community resources. LINC supports disadvantaged families on the path to self-sufficiency. We are all about building strong families in successful communities. Meeting the needs of the whole person – body, soul, and spirit – helps make whole and healthy families, which in turn helps make whole and healthy communities. LINC–Love In the Name of Christ–is not just our name; it is what we do.

Daniel Hite
Founder and Chairman Emeritus

LINC supports disadvantaged families on the path to self-sufficiency.

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