Adult Programs

 Job Readiness-

  • Communication. Getting and keeping a job requires good communication skills. …
  • Technology. Because so many lucrative jobs require computer skills, many job readiness programs focus on developing skills using the latest technology.
  • Resume Building. Job readiness training program facilitators typically help participants create a resume. …
  • Interviewing. …
  • Job readiness training programs prepare participants to get, keep and excel at a new job. Basic employability skills include effective communication, problem solving, resume building, and interviewing. Job readiness training programs also help participants develop good work habits that facilitate their ongoing success. Workshops typically include lectures, discussions and role-playing exercises. Job readiness programs may also provide transportation and childcare.


Foster Grandparents Program- Foster Grandparents are role models, mentors, and friends to children with exceptional needs. The program provides a way for volunteers age 55 and over to stay active by serving children and youth in their communities. For more information call  Rhonda Orlando 636-696-3151 or email her at

Mentor-Counseling/Life coaching- We make provision of assistance and guidance in resolving personal, social, or psychological problems and difficulties, especially by a professional: “bereavement counseling

Bible Youth groups- The goal of youth ministry is helping students become “full circle” followers of Jesus .Launching student groups is simple: adult leaders lead student leaders, student leaders lead students, and eventually those students become the student leaders.

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