Christmas Store at LINC

LINC St. Charles County is hosting its Christmas Store again this year for low-income families in need within the tri-county area of St. Charles, Lincoln and Warren.   LINC is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charity that has been in Wentzville at 9 Love Park Lane for over 25 years.

For the past several years LINC has shared God’s Love at Christmas by providing new unwrapped Christmas toys/gifts for boys and girls, ranging in age from infants to 18 years old. LINC Staff and Volunteers escort the parents into the Christmas Store where they select age-appropriate gifts for each child, and later wrap them for Christmas.  LINC is unique in that we ensure that the toys/gifts go only to families in “true” need as we screen/ interview them all.

Last year LINC served over 200 children from phone calls received in our office, to children that attend LINC’s Hope Preschool and families who frequent our food pantry. This year LINC hopes to increase the quantity of Christmas Store donations so we can serve around 400 children in need.

If you can, please help make some children, living right here in our own communities, very happy this Christmas by providing new, unwrapped Christmas gifts.  All new toys/gifts are welcome, but we recommend that they be within the $5 to $15 price range. Gift cards of $5 or $10 are also needed as this allows flexibility should toys/gift items within a particular age group become depleted.

Please bring new, unwrapped toys/gifts and gift cards to LINC, located at 9 Love Park Lane in Wentzville, MO. (See map on LINC’s website for additional directions.) Call 636-332-5127 if you would like additional information or have any questions. If you prefer to donate to LINC for us to purchase the toys/gifts for the Christmas Store, please donate by visiting our office or donate via our website at:

If you have an interest in volunteering to help us setup the Christmas Store and/or escorting parents to select gifts for their children, please contact us at 636-332-5127.  To learn more about LINC, please browse our website. If you, or someone you know, is low-income and struggling to provide gifts for your children this Christmas, please contact us at 636-332-5127.


Summer Lunch Program – Glow Week

Preparations were underway for the new school year, and the Summer Lunch Program,  hosted by LINC for nine weeks during the summer,  was coming to a close.  This was the 8th week (July 24-28) of the 9 week program, and the theme was Glow Week.  Black lights glowed and  neon-splattered cloths lit up the tables.

Red Tree Church was the sponsor for this week, and Rick Tucker organized, recruited helpers, and did a great job of serving the children this week.  After serving the children lunch, they engaged the children with songs, games and other fun activities.  The room Continue reading “Summer Lunch Program – Glow Week”