American Heritage Girls’ Day of Service

Saturday, September 16th, brought a beehive of activity to LINC…on the grounds…in the Seeds of Love garden……in the building…the Hope Daycare Center, inside and out.  Everywhere!  The American Heritage Girls  of Troop Missouri 3130, many of their families,  and their Troop Leaders honored LINC with a day of service.

Little artists worked attentively, applying colorful designs and faces to boards that will decorate LINC’s Seeds of Love garden next spring.   Many little and big hands were busy in the raised garden beds, pulling weeds and readying the beds for spring crops.  Adults (with a little help from some of the children) stained the new fence that Lowes Heroes donated and installed a few months ago.  Volunteers raked the mulch back into the Hope Daycare children’s play yard, while others washed down the play yard activity centers as another group installed timbers around the fence perimeter to keep the mulch inside. And teenage girls worked hard, cutting down some tall grasses.  Continue reading “American Heritage Girls’ Day of Service”

Element Church Wentzville Volunteers Take on Tough Job

It is always much appreciated when someone steps forward and volunteers at LINC.  But, in the case of Element Church of Wentzville, Paul Davis showed up on a recent hot August day with an entire crew of volunteers (wearing red shirts in the photos below) and tackled a very unpopular task.  They cleaned up around LINCs fence perimeter!  (We’re talking overgrown weeds, poison oak/ivy, small trees, etc…not exactly much fun…but so needed to be done.)

Element Church volunteers not only cleaned up the overgrown fence line, but they did it cheerfully as unto the Lord.  LINC thanks you, Element Church team, each and every one for an amazing job!  There were some little helpers there too…future volunteers in process. (We love it!)  A special thanks to Paul Davis for coordinating this effort on behalf of Element Church.  Look at the pictures and all that they accomplished working together!  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

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