The following is a list of some of the primary ways that LINC continually helps those in need within the tri-county area of St. Charles, Warren and Lincoln Counties.  In addition to these, there are many additional events and projects that LINC sponsors throughout the year.

Hope Learning Center – LINC’s early childhood developmental center  provides a caring, nurturing environment with a home-like atmosphere that focuses on all aspects of the child’s well being.   Recently they even added their own children’s library.  —  Currently there is a waiting list for enrollment, and LINC hopes to expand this very important program to accommodate all the children on the waiting list.

HOPE Food Pantry  –  The mission of the Food Pantry is to offer food and essentials during times of crisis and is a USDA approved distribution site.  Over 6,500 individuals were fed during 2016.

ACTS Job Search – The ACT (Achieving Careers Together) program continued in 2016 with approximately 139 contacts with individuals.  Resume writing, job openings and preparation for interviews were provided.  For those lacking a high school diploma, options were provided for either connection to St. Charles Community College HiSet classes or individual learning sessions.   Sessions continue on an as-needed basis.

Emergency Assistance – LINC provides individual and family emergency assistance and is  a “First Responder” with crisis assistance to those in danger of becoming homeless.  Following a needs assessment, individualized attention is given to developing and implementing an action plan to maintain stability.

Bike Club -LINC’s Bike Club is open to youth aged eleven and up, and is attended primarily by children who live in the Hidden Valley Estates subdivision, located adjacent to LINC in Wentzville.  The program is run by volunteers.  Emphasis is on repairing and maintaining bicycles and teaching the children these basics,  as well as riding safety.  Youth who attend the Bike Club are invited to attend the Summer Lunch Program which begins immediately following this program.

Summer Lunch Program  LINC hosts the only Summer Lunch Program in the Wentzville area.  School aged children are provided lunch Mondays through Fridays.  Different organizations join LINC in hosting fun activities which are planned around a different theme each week.  The activities begin right after lunch.

Computer Lab – Computers are available for use on a first-come basis.  The computers facilitate job searches and training programs.

Community Garden The Seeds of Love Community Garden allows individuals and families access to fresh, nutritious food.  It offers those that help physical fitness and health while tending it.  The Hope Food Pantry acquired around 600 pounds of fruit and vegetables in 2016.

Sports – Upwards Soccer Program, plus tennis court, baseball and football fields and as well as basketball are available in LINC’s 7-acre Love Field located by the LINC Community Center.

Counseling Services – Through a donation from the Community & Children’s Resource Board, LINC  offers counseling and music therapy to help with issues like anger, self-esteem, social skills and parenting.

Transportation –

Reading Program



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