American Heritage Girls’ Day of Service

Saturday, September 16th, brought a beehive of activity to LINC…on the grounds…in the Seeds of Love garden……in the building…the Hope Daycare Center, inside and out.  Everywhere!  The American Heritage Girls  of Troop Missouri 3130, many of their families,  and their Troop Leaders honored LINC with a day of service.

Little artists worked attentively, applying colorful designs and faces to boards that will decorate LINC’s Seeds of Love garden next spring.   Many little and big hands were busy in the raised garden beds, pulling weeds and readying the beds for spring crops.  Adults (with a little help from some of the children) stained the new fence that Lowes Heroes donated and installed a few months ago.  Volunteers raked the mulch back into the Hope Daycare children’s play yard, while others washed down the play yard activity centers as another group installed timbers around the fence perimeter to keep the mulch inside. And teenage girls worked hard, cutting down some tall grasses.  Continue reading “American Heritage Girls’ Day of Service”

Thank You, Wentzville Police Department

The Wentzville Police Department sponsored Week 4 (June 26 – 30)  of LINC’s Summer Lunch Program.  And what a very special time this was for the kids who attended the program!   They had a fun environment to meet and get to know some of their local Police Officers and to build positive experiences with those who serve our city selflessly and help keep us safe on a daily basis.   This is a great example of how the Wentzville Police Department engages the community, actively supports worthwhile causes, and helps to make Wentzville such a great city. Continue reading “Thank You, Wentzville Police Department”

Summer Lunch Program – Glow Week

Preparations were underway for the new school year, and the Summer Lunch Program,  hosted by LINC for nine weeks during the summer,  was coming to a close.  This was the 8th week (July 24-28) of the 9 week program, and the theme was Glow Week.  Black lights glowed and  neon-splattered cloths lit up the tables.

Red Tree Church was the sponsor for this week, and Rick Tucker organized, recruited helpers, and did a great job of serving the children this week.  After serving the children lunch, they engaged the children with songs, games and other fun activities.  The room Continue reading “Summer Lunch Program – Glow Week”

LINC hosts Bike Club Tuesdays & Thursdays at Love Park

     Several children attended LINCs Bike Club this past Tuesday, June 6th.  They enjoyed getting their bicycles repaired and then taking a ride around LINC’s Love Park bike trail.  How special to see the faces light up with big smiles when they jumped on their repaired bicycles for a test ride around the park!

Dave Day (left in photo) volunteers Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. during the summer, and leads this LINC program.  Denny McCarthy also regularly Continue reading “LINC hosts Bike Club Tuesdays & Thursdays at Love Park”